About US


SCL was formed in 2005 to accommodate in the people of UK as a recovery company and a scrap car buyer to remove unwanted cars, always  giving  the best price possible for the scrap cars. SCL have many recovery trucks so you can have your scrap car removed  immediately.


It is unfortunate when your car is no longer road worthy and not worth fixing, that why SCL give the best price to get you money towards your new car and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

SCL have expanded further into the North West and North Wales in recent years as the demand for honest scrap merchants increased.

Mark and John the founders of the company still are hardworking and most importantly honest, they know business  its not just about making money but offering a five star quality service to everyone they conduct business with.

Hopefully SCL will continue to grow and be a much needed service provider to the people of UK.